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If it's got wheels and a motor, we're all about it. Spacious Garage will be the home for some awesome content focused on high horsepower, high energy motorsports and the lifestyle surrounding them.


From the vehicles, to the parts used on them, to the people behind the controls Spacious Garage aims to capture all of this and shed some light as to what's "hot" on track, on the trail, and everywhere in between.

Room for everything...

Team Spacious Garage
dkar-0349 (1).jpg
Jon Shaffer
Jeremy Headlee

Team Spacious Garage is a two-car drift effort based out of Southern California running in local Pro-Am competition and grassroots events.


Up and coming So-Cal drift talent Jon Shaffer drives a V8-powered Nissan 240SX built for the rapidly evolving motorsport that is competition drifting. Shaffer has been competing in the TopDrift Pro-Am Drift Series as well as The Drift League in and in 2020 he obtained a Formula Drift Pro2 license. Outside of competition, Shaffer makes appearances at many high-profile drift events alongside other top level drivers and media standouts.


Auto industry veteran and all-around enthusiast Jeremy Headlee also drives a modified 240SX, but with a turbo Nissan powerplant. This car sees several bash-style events throughout the year that typically bring a large media presence. When not behind the wheel, Headlee is assisting with the Spacious Garage ProAm effort alongside Shaffer and other friends, family, and team that provide trackside support.

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